The new health order awakening

We are becoming more health educated and finally realise that the ‘sick care’ system in place has very limited knowledge when it comes to prevention.

In addition, more and more people are now becoming aware of the food industry’s practices, which make us buy food-like products that undermine our health. 

The authorities remain without a tangible plan or solution to the disease of our civilisation – the leading cause of death in the world, ‘degenerative diseases’. Undisputedly growing and directly linked on the most part to our diet, lifestyle and environment.

The Solutions starts with us – as educated, pro-active individuals

The good news is we now know that degenerative diseases are preventable.  We are living in an exciting time and have access to a multitude of information at our fingertips within seconds.The constant and exponential technological evolution and growing access to information, makes this even more of a reality.

Furthermore, we can use new technology to track this information, to then feed it back to us in order to improve our lives.

We are no longer in the industrial age; new technology gives us a new way to succeed.  The more technology there is increases the ability to succeed and the greatest likelihood that your success will be unique.

The time is now.  It is time for us to wake up and tune into the new health order!

It is time to take a personalised and pro-active approach to health that will treat you as you wish to be treated as someone special and with relevance.  It is clear that big institutions cannot treat you this way.

Now with the level of technology exponentially growing, we can finally escape from this old pattern and take a step towards a brighter future.

Revolution comes with disruption.

The status quo has to end, and we must explore to find a unique path towards success, that will not only be personalised, but almost certainly be a successful process once implemented.

All is ready for us to take the first steps; however many questions and social barriers will remain.

Personalised health prevention and Genomics are advanced technology, a new way of looking at our health and is a very disruptive technology that creates much debate amongst the medical world.

Disruptive is what we need right now!  We need to change the way we treat health, and the way we see it.

Just like any revolution throughout history, either you join in and take the risk of making change happen to create an all new world, or you are left behind and become a subject of the change.  There are a lot of questions that still need answers; however it is more exciting to live the question and create the answer.

Clearly here we are talking about using new technology for the better of mankind.  Being conservative about the subject will just slow the process down.

There is much to discover and build until we regain control of our health and shift from a passive sick care system to a personalised and pro-active new health order. The technology is here and available to us.  It is up to us to create the right methods and systems that come with it as a result of the change from old to new.

Unity, co-operation and forward thinking are key to the success and implementation of this new technology in our daily life.

The change remains the responsibility of each and every one of us.

What actions will you implement in your life today for a healthier you, and to contribute towards the shift to a healthier society?