1. Dare the new!

Dare the new, far away from all the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Our retreat is all about discovery,  Of yourself, of new places, of other people, of new tips and tricks.

It is an investment in yourself from yourself and for your future. You will understand it is all in the journey and not the destination.

We are wired to explore and it is a great opportunity for you to be in touch with this simple but powerful sense. New is interesting. It is exciting and can be so much more if you let it in. Everything is designed for you to fill energised at every moment during the retreat. It is all about flow after all!

You will enjoy the newness, the contemplation, , the adventure, securely step out of your comfort zone with our amazing excursions.

Be ready to embrace the new, and soak it all up. It is refreshing and will ignite renewal to leave you with the feeling of soul detoxing and enhancing.

It takes courage to sign up in the unknown to dare the new and step our of the comfort zone, but it is definitely worth it and the outcome will pay off.

2. Unplug to reconnect

Going on a retreat means taking time away from your ordinary life and situation, an occasion to step away from an hectic lifestyle.

Take the opportunity to unplug, go back in time with the unplugged feeling of the 80ies for a change. Enjoy the silence when you have, the opportunity of more sleep.. a pure bliss.

Make the most of the beauty of the luxurious blossoming nature and richness of spring time of the Balearic white Island Ibiza.

Allow to unplug to let that something popped, or sparkled,  Enjoy the amazing feeling when all loose ends get reconnected.

You will come out wiser, quieter, more balanced, thoughtful, full of energy, renewed and wanting to take action, ready to reconnect with your own world to a all new level.

3. Experience, learn and create

Our retreat is full of learning. From the coach's expertise or from the other participants, from (and especially about) yourself, from the silences in between, from the rested body, … And isn’t learning the essence of life?

Our workshops are all set up in a very practical, hands-on kind of way so that they are very educational and can be used later one.

It is always exciting to learn tips and tricks! acquire new knowledge and new tools to thrive further once you are back home.You will learn many things from functional nutrition for weight loss to health optimisation, to lifestyle coaching, tip to set up systems and avoid clutter andthe healing properties of Yoga.

4. No quick fix but a real transformational journey to sustainability

Our retreat are focused on sustainability as opposite as quick fix. You will learn humility and gratitude, feeling humble and grateful for what you already have to then learn what you can become.

We are focusing on nurturing the “time-out” just for you; a time to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit; to re-connect with your authentic self; to re-connect with nature; to get quiet and spend you’re a space of time “being” rather than "doing"

We always stay in touch as we believe in accountability, simple "checking in" if you wish so, after the retreat, just so you stay accountable to the success of your projects.

5. Unforgettable memories

Our retreat is a modern answer to modern living.

It is an investment in your health and in your personal relationship with yourself.

it takes place in the natural beauty of the Balearic environment, we explore, dare the adventure, enjoy the calm and space,learn, create and communicate, tell and listen to stories as well as sharing real fun moments.

We encourage you to be one with the elements. The whole experience will leave you with memories you can recall for a bawl of serenity whenever you will need it the most.

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