Summer’s almost here! The beautiful days have definitely arrived – even in the UK, which means gyms, magazines and manufacturers of ‘health’ products and supplement companies will do their best to grab your intention to repeat the same cycle again and again. 

This cycle is an 8 to 12 week period in the year where losing weight is our key focus.  Our conditioning that opts for a quick fix over sustainability also reinforces this.

Soon we’ll have to wear t-shirts or short sleeves and skirts or dresses for the ladies and we're not yet ready!  Or at least don't feel ready.  The clock is ticking and we have to get results fast... We want results and we want them fast, most of the time regardless of the long-term effects.

Does this sound familiar? The knee-jerk reaction does not come entirely from you; you have been conditioned to react this way...

Body beach ready or operation quick fix?

We tend to forget that weight loss is a by-product of health optimisation.  We see health optimisation as a short-term affair, squeezed between our ‘real-world’ responsibilities. We tend to seek the fast, feel-good factor to reassure us of a healthier future.  Health management and optimisation on the other hand is an everyday business, a way of living to the fullest.

The standard paths that have become widely available and accepted by the masses tend to take the form of short-term fixes; you will find them in the headlines of any health magazine or the health section of the newspaper at this time of the year. 

You will most likely be drawn into a plethora of information from different sources and be tempted to opt for the quick fix, ego-fuelled options created by advertisers to sell you a product. 

Everybody is looking for a magic pill, the latest research that will save us all, the latest workout or the best diet and there is a new one every week to feed our demanding appetite.

You just have to go to your magazine retailer or Google ‘weight-loss solutions’ to find extra-quick solutions thanks to a miracle plan or products. While some will get you results fast, almost none will give you lasting long-term results you can maintain.

So what should I really look at doing?

Cultivate the lifestyle, and drop seasonal trends.

There are 4 pillars for you to change:


Environment: Environment dictates results

Your environment will dictate your results. By creating a healthy environment you are increasing the likelihood of your success. When spring comes after a long winter, we naturally make the appropriate changes to the contents of our wardrobe and our bedrooms. In other words, we reshape our environment to adapt to the current weather conditions. Well, here it is no different. We shape our environment with regards to our nutrition and training. You must condition your environment to your success.

Mindset: Mother of all aspects of success

Your mindset and self-image needs to adapt with regards to (and in conjunction with) your goals. If somewhere deep inside yourself you don’t feel confident about your ability to succeed, that core belief will sabotage your efforts. 


Nutrition: Half the battle is in the kitchen

It’s time to stock up on whole and fresh foods. You will eat what is available to you, so make sure that what is available is your personalised healthy food. This is a very simple principle, but it is crucial.

Training: Train smart, live easy

Your fitness is another key element that requires attention on your optimal health and weight loss journey. Long-term health is an investment in your body that might not pay noticeable dividends for weeks or even months. Don't think of training as a means to lose weight. That mindset is unsustainable. Instead, view working out as a way to feel better.  ‘No pain, no gain’ is an old adage and more relevant to bodybuilders who want to significantly increase in mass and muscle definition. Instead, we are looking at training smart to live easy.

A 15-20 minute daily session of metabolic exercises is much more efficient to lose fat, than a 1h session or class 2/3 times a week to deliver results. Cultivate the habit and organise (block) the time for it.  20 minutes is less than 0.20% of your day, there is no excuse!

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