Farmaceutical vs Pharmaceutical

For a very long time Nutrition has been perceived as simply fuelling the body, and counting calories has been its measure. We are now rediscovering the virtue of food, and in the past decades countless research has reinforced an old saying by the father of medicine Hippocrates: "let food by thy medicine".   The core belief is that food is the vehicle to give the right tools to our body to reach optimal health thanks to their biochemical components.

Nowadays we can testify to the ultimate stand off between plants and pills, between traditional and ‘modern’ healthcare. The healthcare system is returning to its origins within herbal medicine, trying to mimic millions of years of evolution to create symptomatic relief. The key questions are: which is better - Pharmaceutical or the latest Farmaceuticaland how can I apply its benefits?

What are the differences between the two?

Mainly one is patented, and the other is open source.

Pharmaceutical is a massive industry and has reached worldwide revenue of over a trillion dollars.  According to a new report from Global industry analysts however, the global herbal remedy market is forecast to reach $107 billion by 2017, showing constant growth in the last couple of years. 

The paradox is over the last 30 years, 877 molecule drugs have been introduced worldwide and 61% can trace their origins back to natural products.  Furthermore of 121 prescription drugs used across the world to fight cancer, 90 of them are derived from plants!

What does this tells us? 

The Pharma industry model is about ownership and holding patents for molecules after molecules after molecules... Patents are great for securing things, but in my opinion patents should not have their place in trying to heal humanity from its diseases. 

Patenting plants is impossible, they belong to nature…but extracting and trying to isolate and reproduce every chemical within a plant and expecting it to have the same healing power is current practice.  Nevertheless can we really be that arrogant to try to recreate millions of years of evolution? 

This is where research in the healthcare industry fails all the time, despite billions having been spent.  Plant medicine is safer and more efficient. 

Countless scientific papers from peers and reputable organisations are proving this all the time; however this is considered as ‘quack’ medicine somehow, despite having been the only medicine used for centuries and remains a mainstream practise in the East.

Let's stop the debate here, breathe.... and move on to what you need to know and what you can do about it.

It’s evident that throughout your life, the most profound influences on your health, vitality and wellness aren’t how many doctors and experts you have visited, pills you have taken or even surgery and various therapies you have undertaken. 

The most profound influences are the cumulative effects of the daily decisions you make about your diet, lifestyle and environment and the expression of your genes. 

While pharmaceutical medicine, representing a trillion dollar industry treats the symptoms, the now called ‘farmaceutical’ looks at addressing the cause and influencing the symptoms by treating and rebalancing certain bodily systems such as blood glucose, immune tolerance, antioxidant process, detoxification and brain chemistry to name but a few.  

It’s time we learnt about the food we eat and how it affects our bodies and the expression of our genes.

The power of functional nutrition:

We won’t go through each and every vegetable or plant you will find in your supermarket, but let's put things into practice...

Imagine you learn through DNA testing what your ‘weaknesses’ are among the 7 keys of wellness and that their balance is essential to your overall health.

let's remind here that chronic illness are a result of one or several imbalances in one of these key core physiological processes. 

Let's say your genetic predisposition for several of these key processes is not optimum and in the long term their imbalance will have an impact on your health. 

Here we will choose:

1. Methylation (cell repair): that can lead to various cancer and mental health degeneration.
2. Inflammation: chronic inflammation being the cause and source of almost all degenerative diseases.
3. Immunity / Defence
Before ‘reacting’ to the development of the disease(s), functional nutrition should be applied to prevent disease in the first place. 

Why? By being proactive with your health, it is proven to most likely prevent you from becoming sick and falling into the reactive ‘sick care’ system and the pharmaceutical products that go with it.

Bimolecular compounds found in plants sweet talk to your genes.

What if you could organise your grocery shopping based on this knowledge? What would it look like?


What are the nutrients to promote cellular health

(click to see infographic )


What are the nutrients to switch off chronic inflammation?

(click here to see infographic )

Immunity / Defence

What are the nutrients to support your defence system?

(click here to see infographic )

A personalised approach on top of the basics.

The basics:

Before running, it is essential to learn how to walk.

Functional nutrition is crucial to reach optimal health, however we must get the baseline right first.

As a baseline, maintain a Mediterranean diet (as seen in inflammation infographic), walk 10 000 steps a day and do 20 minutes of vigorous exercise. In your Aerobic zone ( 220 - ( your age ) )  It may sound clichéd, but without this your chances to reach your peak health will be jeopardised.

Stick to the baseline first, and then add specific foods to meet your own nutritional requirements, avoiding an adverse immune response to achieve your optimal plan.  

Remember, your health is your responsibility, you have not been taught optimal health.  Start with yourself, become a self-educated individual and put an end to chronic concerns that kill millions every year, despite being preventable.

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