If you happen to look for diet or training planson the Internet, be ready for an avalanche of information. 

At best, you will see a few things that contradict each other.

At worst, you could find yourself about to buy the latest pill that promises you will magically look like the fitness model promoting it, in just 8 days... 

At that point, you may decide to ask an expert.

However, on seeking the expert's opinion, you will find that views are again divided.

Here is a fact: Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches just LOVE to get into long discussions on this subject.

"It's Paleo! That is the best! 

“No, it's Carb Cycling.”

"No no...intermittent fasting is far more effective!” 

And the same thing happens when you ask about the best training programme for fat loss, strength building or...well, anything else.

"It's HIIT!"

"No, it's cardio every time!”

"Crossfit is the best.”

But, you know, once you've been a coach for any decent length of time, and you've seen all the diets and training protocols come full-circle, you come to realise that there's only ONE programme of diet and nutrition that TRULY works for people.


Not only is a PERSONALISED approach common sense, but it will also avoid a lot of frustration.

So what can you do to avoid the guess work?


Have a plan tailored to the unique you; a plan in accordance with your genes. ( Read more here about why personalisation )

What Can You Learn About Your Optimal Nutrition And Diet Plan?

Go for the Nutrition FIT not fix.

Looking for your optimal diet is now possible,by looking into a number of well-researched gene variations that impact metabolism, absorption and storage of fats and carbohydrates, as well as eating behaviour. 

The process is simple.

We analyse these SNPs ( gene variations )  to understand how your individual GENETIC profile will impact your response to whatever is believed to be the three most effective healthy eating plans.

For example-Low Fat, Mediterranean, and Low Carbohydrate. 

Research suggests that individuals do respond differently to different food combinations and no ONE way of eating is right for everyone. 

So drop the low calorie diet-it isn't about restriction!

Here are the key metabolic processes you willwant to know about before embarking on any diet plan.You will also need to ensure you find out about the genes involved in key metabolic processes.

• Obesity Risk / Insulin Resistance

• Binge Eating

• Carbohydrates And Obesity

• Fat Absorption

These findings will form the basis for your successful diet plan. We can then adjust it to fit your lifestyle andpersonal preferences.

It is important to emphasise that being overweight increases risk factors for both poor health and various chronic diseases.

Weight management and healthy eating are integral to long-term health. 

The more unwanted fat we have, the greater the risk of chronic inflammation and storage of toxic substances in our body, which will impair our health in the long term.

What about your training plan? 

When it comes to fitness, we can now examine various biological areas that impact training responsiveness and sporting performance.

These include: Soft tissue remodelling, inflammation, blood flow and respiration, energy production and fuel metabolism.

Athletic success depends firstly onpersonalising a training strategy that optimises your genetic potential, and secondly on choosing the right lifestyle, nutrition and environmental interactions to optimally express your inherited genes.

A DNA test will report on the following areas:

 Structural Integrity Of Soft Tissue

• Inflammation & Oxidative Stress

• Blood Flow & Respiration

• Energy During Exercise

• Fuel During Exercise

• Caffeine Metabolism

• Muscle And Bone Composition

• Aerobic Capacity

• Power/ Strength Potential

Once we have the knowledge of all thevariations in genes involved in these biological areas, we can use it to personalise a training programme.

We can then gain as much as possible from sessions by exploiting potential advantages, as well as identifying any weaknesses that need to be worked on.

This insight can also be used to make appropriate training and nutrition choices in an attempt to prevent injury and optimise recovery in order to perform at one’s best. 

One of the first reasons people give up 6 weeks into a new training plan, is because of injury!

So whether you are an elite performance athlete, a recreational athlete looking to maximise your fitness potential and reach peak levels of conditioning or a beginner athlete just starting out, this will put you on the right track to achieving your goals.

In addition, individuals building exercise programmes specifically for weight management, will benefit just as much.

Watch the information trap and go beyond, foryour personalised plan.

It is important to make clear here, that a DNA test is not a quick fix.

Just having the test done, will in no way contribute to weight loss. 

You will need to stick to the plan, whilst makingit as enjoyable as possible, building on consistency and personalised habit implementation. 

The DNA information by itself has almost no value. And here's why :

The information trap

The information trap


I always encourage my clients to be resourceful, and realise that once a programme is tailored to your genes, there areplenty of options to choose from, along with the knowledge that you are doing all the correct things!

The growing and exciting field of GENOMICS can help us to better understand your genetic profile, so that we can recommend a healthy eating plan that will guarantee you better results

If you need help finding out this crucial information and understanding it, as well as the support in implementing your plan, get in touch.

We will be there to monitor and support you every step of the way.

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