By Thomas Olivier (@gensmartme)

These days, there is so much information available to us, that we somehow need to sift through and adapt, or information overload may lead to paralysis, and ultimately- passivity.

Unfortunately, this can also lead us into following the latest trends and ‘ quick fixes’, without achieving any real results.

Whether you want to lose weight, optimise your health or improve your performance, learning how to filter information and improve clarity is a crucial thing to do.

So how can you avoid the information trap and  paralysis, and increase your chances of success?

Your Goal Must Be Clear!

The Olympics are once again an amazing example of success stories about athletes who from a young age, no matter what conditions or environment they are in, set themselves a clear goal.

Here is a beautiful story of Julius Yego, favourite to win the Gold in the Javelin, who first taught himself thanks to YouTube video tutorials!

Julia Yego has a clear goal in mind; he wants to be the world’s best javelin thrower and he will stop at nothing until he achieves it!

When you have a clear head and a clear goal, you have all you need for the the job in hand.

When it comes to your health optimisation, the goal should not be that complex, as it is not merely an end on its own, but a journey.

Your goal here is to improve your health on a daily basis.

The first thing is to realise that we are a generation who seek the ‘ Quick Fix’, which takes us away from the real point of optimum health for life.

We see health optimisation as a short-term affair, squeezed between our ‘ real-world” responsibilities.

We tend to seek out the fast, feel-good factor to reassure us of a healthier future, when actually, Health Management should be an everyday business- a way of living our lives to their fullest.

But How Do We Do It Right?

It is time to revise your goal and make it your own!

"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves"- Galileo Galilei.

It's all about YOU!

You must first seek what is it you are really looking to achieve and dig deeper.

The Power Of An Insightful Goal Vs A Toxic Goal

If your goal is simple weight loss after those holidays, you may be looking to shed a few pounds and trade some body fat against muscle mass.

The reality here though, is that it may not be enough to simply shed body fat or achieve a Six –Pack. 

My point is, that you need to make your goal GREATER if you really want to achieve that goal.

For example- if you grab a copy of Men’s Health magazine, with a fitness model on the cover, selling you the formula: ‘ Achieve A Six- Pack in 6 weeks’ , or: ‘ Biceps Of Steel In Just A Month’,

You are setting yourself a goal that you will have to do in a set time.

This is a TOXIC goal, because if you do not achieve it, it is a bit like drinking salty water- it just makes you more thirsty! It also sets you up to fail- which makes all of us feel bad.

The toxic goals, are the goals that will diminish your quality of life as soon as you set them.

They are based on an idealised future concept, because they are promoting a present feeling of dissatisfaction- ie: ‘ I wish I had those abs’.

Many people struggle to make progress on toxic goals, because most of the time, they don't deliver the results we are hoping for. We then feel demoralised and de- motivated.

In contrast, when you have proper insight, and dig deeper towards a more meaningful goal, you will be much more likely to stick to it, because it will make sense to you and will be tailored to your needs. 

A PERSONALISED Goal Leads to Clarity And RESULTS!

The first characteristic of a Personalised Goal, is that solutions are designed for you, as opposed to you trying to fit into a pre-designed notion.

Personalisation, also means the goal is adapted to your lifestyle, your voice and your control, representing a shift away from a very structured generic programme, to a bespoke solution for you.

Revise Your SMART Goal

In the GenSmart methodology that I use with my clients to get the sustainable results they want, we focus on a SMART Goal (Specific, Measurable,Achievable, Realistic, Timed )

The’ GEN’ of GenSmart, refers to GENOMIC- which surely makes it personal!

However, what we really focus on, is implementation of new behavioural patterns based on our clients’ unique bio- markers.

This really is the KEY to sustainable health optimisation.

Optimising someone’s health and creating new habits is a process- where we can assess, track,monitor and adjust, as well as having trouble-shooting strategies in place.

Once you have your clear goal, from your own insight, and you have made it SMART- you must then set up your micro- goals and tasks.

We help you set up goals by order of priority, with the GenSmart methodology.

In the GenSmart method, we focus on one priority at a time, tailored for you, so that it tells you the ONE most important thing you should do next to make progress.

Delivering that information gradually, through individual ‘micro’ goals, will maintain motivation and ingrain healthy habits.

It works WITH you to identify an ongoing series of specific, personalised, achievable goals, and tracks your overall progress towards your health mastery or other specific goal.

Your true path to success starts with your own insight.

Personalisation for CLARITY of that goal, will offer you greater motivation and adapting a methodology that gradually leads you to the achievement of your goal, will guarantee you are proactive and more involved in its achievement.

Do you want to know more about the GenSmart methodology?

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Copywriting by Amanda Hills ( @AmandaHLondon )