If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you may understand that one of the key principles which I preach is :

Your health and wellbeing is your responsibility and being PROACTIVE is the key. 

We are usually born healthy, and being healthy is our natural state.

We are born to thrive as human beings that are full of energy, biochemically wired to make the most of our lives with the most advanced tool ever created: the human body. 

We are the result of billions of years of evolutionary success. It is about time we started to act like it, and take responsibility for our health in order to live our lives to the fullest.

Let's look at the word ‘ RESPONSIBILTY’ itself.

It means the ability to choose your response. To be accountable. To have a duty to deal with something, or have control over it.

We are responsible for our own lives and our own behaviour.

We have the ability to make things happen, or to choose not to. 

Being PROACTIVE, allows you to recognise this responsibility.

You cannot somehow shift the blame for the condition you are in, you have to accept that it is a response to your own actions, a cause and effect correlation, and that you are responsible –whether you feel overweight, or unhealthy.

It may sound harsh,but it is a fact.

Your environment also has its influences. 

We all know by now that life isn’t straightforward.So whatever the environmental or social conditions you are in, or whether you are being reactiveor passive, you will be affected by your environment. 

However, if you choose to be PROACTIVE and adhere to its principles, your mindset will allow you to assess and readjust things correctly, choosing and being responsible for your actions.

Here are 5 common misconceptions and 5 rules you should apply, that will set you on the right path towards a more positive and PROACTIVE outlook on your health.

1-Aim For Plenty Over Restriction

We live in a world of abundance.

Restricting yourself isn't a pleasant thing and may drive you crazy in the long run. You can eat plenty- but plenty of the right, nutritionally dense food with all the nutrients your body needs.

Chances are you will feel more full- and for longer - by eating 400 calories of greens and vegetables than 400 calories of chicken.

Not only will the volume will be enough to literally fill you up, but the nutrition and fibre content will keep you fuller longer.

Restrictive and replacement diets are not only unsustainable, they will likely lead you to the vicious circle of Yo-Yo Dieting, which is designed for quick results, not long term success.

In addition,you will most likely gain a few pounds from where you started, when you return to normal eating. The reason for this, is that a restrictive diet resets your metabolic  "thermostat".

It seems a bit arrogant to think that a simple cut in the amount of calories you take in will outsmart your brain's survival mechanism, when it took millions of years to fine-tune! 

Let me explain.

Just like your thermostat at home, if you set the temperature inside to 20 degrees, whatever the weather outside, whether that be -10 below or 30 degree above zero, inside will remain the same constant 20.

Your brain works in a similar way.

Known as HOMEOSTASIS, it is your body’s mechanism to keep your physiological processes stable, no matter what. 

When it  comes to your energy expenditure, if you reset your thermostat to, say, 500 calories less for 12 weeks, when you stop that restriction, the 500 calories on top will be seen as a surplus.

This will cause you to put on weight-especially if you are sedentary-simply because your brain will have adapted to its new environment.

So think abundance of good nutritious food, stop counting the calories and ditch the restricting dieting! 

2-Stop Learning And Start Implementing

To know, and not to do, is really not to know!

There is no real benefit in learning what you are made of and what gene variants you possess, if you do not pay attention and apply the recommendations that go with it. 

The benefit is in the IMPLEMENTATION of your personalised recommendation.

Knowing the solution is a great start, but implementing the new habits, is what will REALLY make the difference.


3. Aim To Create New Habits, Instead Of Willpower

Stressed, tired or overwhelmed? Chances are, your willpower goes out of the window, and you may be prone to ‘emotional eating’.

Certain gene variations in two hedonic genes: DRD2 and OPRM1, may directly affect the brain’s Dopamine functions and lead to emotional eating.

If this is you, do not count on your willpower, as that diminishes throughout the day, when tiredness takes it tolls on you. Instead, emotional- trigger management is the best strategy for dealing  with emotional eating, and builds the right habits over time.

4. Strive For Consistency, Over The Big ‘Catch Ups’.

If you are tempted to give your small, but regular, workout a miss today, chances are, it will lead to the failure of your goals over time. 

It may seem insignificant to miss just one day, but it is actually the repetition of making the right choices CONSISTENTLY- day in, day out- until you reach your desired outcome, that will make the difference.

One lesson I have learned throughout my coaching career, is that consistency is the KEY to results. 

You will get more results from 15–30-minute sessions every day, than two or three big hour-long sessions per week. One session a week will not bring you any results in the long term. 

Strive for consistency. It is the hardest way to create a habit, however, it is the REAL path to success.

5. Giving Up Too Soon…, Just Show Up!

JUST SHOW UP! What is easy to do, is also easy not to do – so show up and go for it! 

No matter how you feel, or what excuse your emotional brain will find, just show up! 

Create the HABIT.

Fifteen to thirty-minutes of exercise releases Dopamine, and will help switch your thoughts to the “happy zone”.It will be difficult at first; however, your body will very quickly begin to ask for this, and the habit will soon settle in your daily life.

Do you want to be proactive? take action now and feel free to ask any question or claim your complimentary session here!