We've entered a new phase in the history of self-quantifying.

You may have noticed those recent years, there is a multitude of devices available on the market to track your health. 

Literally turning us into a cascade of data, from app to wristbands and other devices. All offering us an insight into our daily routine and their impact on our health. 

Gathering all sort of information from the number of Steps you will make in a day to the number of calories you will burn and how well you have recovered during your sleep.

The era of quantifying self-has truly become available to anyone. 

However is it effective for everyone?
How can you make the most sense of all those data to truly make the changes that count for you? 

From patterns to a more personalised and proactive approach

We now have the ability to measure everything and to feed that information back into the system. We have created a Data-rich, always on, a stream of information that is instantly tracking our biological functioning, how we are operating on daily bases.

The dilemma here is most people do track, without knowing why... and what to do with it.

It is crucial to know what is there to track and how to do it.

Ideally, the aim of tracking is to pull all those data to find patterns and giving a chance to look at how we can optimise the way of those data are managed. We are now feeding that information back into ourselves and learning how we can learn to run into our optimum capacity.

So how those insights into yourself can transform the possibilities, how we can sort of adjust and play around with our biochemical matrix?

We are leaving at a truly exciting time, the beginning of  Health 2.0 where we can regain control of our health and be self-efficient in achieving optimum health. Those technologies make it possible however we still have some work to do ourself to make the most of it.

How can Engineer our own optimal health? 

In a world where we keep track of every step, we take seamlessly by carrying our phone and unlocking the secret of your DNA is as easy as spitting into a tube; there is a real shift that is waiting to happen. All those technologies are growing at an exponential rate, and DNA testing is now widely becoming accessible to everyone.  

How to get started and how to make the most of it?

The DNA test is pretty straight forward, a simple mouth swab and within a week or two we have unlocked the hidden secret of your genes. ( the Data ) 

Now, this is where the real work starts! If you really want to clear the path to your optimum health and performance this is the step to follow:

1.Getting to know you.

Prior to start with your personalised recommendations and goal settings, it is important to understand where you are now. Usually, a lifestyle questionnaire in addition to the test result will help in organising and prioritising your Goals and task in the most accurate way possible.

The first step is to priorities and identifies the most important dietary and lifestyle goals for you to work towards. Having unlocking your gene's secret we can now organise by order of priority what is to tackle first based on the goal you have set for yourself. 

2.You & your personalised goals

You will learn what are your specific goals based on your health or fitness priorities.

Based on those goals, you can know branch out specific tasks associated with it.

This Methodology will help you to break down and tackle down tasks one at a time over time.

Ie: If your goal is to improve your heart health because of certain gene variation 

3. Implementing the changes that count

Imagine you have gathered all information necessary to optimise your fitness and nutrition.  You have set goals, milestones and rewards along your health optimisation journey (or weight loss goal).  These goals are specific to you, for better results.

You have organised and prioritises what needs to be done, one task at a time over time you will appreciate the progress because it is. Personalised to you!.

4. Tracking your own progress

This is where now all those devices should be used ... Thanks to technology, you are then able to feed that data back into your device(s) so you can now track and monitor what is specific to you, and you can check if you are in your ‘zone’.

From tailoring your training, your calorie intake for the day, and the type of nutrients you need to optimise your performance.  In addition, you are able to receive alerts during training or through the day to keep you on track.

This is, in fact, the very imminent future of health and fitness monitoring.

From your own goals to your own health optimisation 

It all start by being able to prioritise and organise the tasks and mini habits that you need to implement to make the changes that count... One after the over, you will see and feel the results. 

Get started, Make it personal

The key to your success is to make it personal.

If It is personalised to you.  It will certainly help to improve your daily life by flagging and focusing on the area(s) that need attention.

It is time for you to embrace the personalised quantify self-movement.

Optimum health is only achieved with consistency, quick fix options will never help you in maintaining your health to its utmost, Adhering to new technology,  will really help you to keep track and monitor your progress, as well as keeping you engaged in your health and fitness journey.

You need to have the right tools; however, the poison is in the dosage…. manage the technology, do not let it manage you and turn your tracking into an unhealthy obsession.

Do you want to get started with the first step of truly knowing yourself and see where you are now and what you can do?

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