You may have noticed earlier this year with all the New Year resolution trends, came the hundreds of quick fix and latest miracle diets and products on offer when it comes to weight loss.

The hit culture of the Top 5 or Top 10, once reserved to the music industry, is now well engrained in the health industry.

In one of the most popular TV reality shows, The Biggest Loser, it has been debugged that many of the contestants gained back some, if not all, of the weight lost during the program. To me, those results aren't surprising when you have studied what happens to the body and the brain after substantial weight loss on a short period of time.

It is a common pitfall. Most weight loss programs, including The Biggest Loser, focus on short-term, dramatic results and end up ignoring the incredibly complex biology of weight loss. Arrogantly thinking we can somehow outsmart our own brain with the restriction of a simple calorie equation; a brain that took millions of years to evolve with the goal of survival.

Your brain is smarter than this and it isn't about trying to find the quick fix but to calibrate it over time with science and hard work on yourself. There is no quick fix to sustainable weight loss.

The truth is that whether you like it or not, weight loss isn't a quick fix but a long-term, difficult process. The reality is most of the short term body transformation are doomed to fail in the long term.

When you lose a lot of weight quickly through restriction, your body starts working against your progress in ways that can be very difficult to overcome without the right support.

However, weight loss isn't impossible. Not only is weight loss one of the top three reasons people joined the GenSmart program, it is also often the most important thing they have done to optimise their wellness. Being overweight is an unhealthy state for the body which can further lead to the development of degenerative diseases.

So how do we approach things differently?

With a tailored program without a deadline but personalised milestones and rewards.

This is why the GenSmart methodology has its own scoring and tracking system as a base to personalised and sustainable weight loss.

GenSmart, the new weight-loss program launching in March, takes all the components of our wellness program and combines it with clinically-based, lifestyle altering strategies and behavioural changes around sustainable weight loss.

Our coaching methodology remains the same but is more geared towards weight loss.

It will be an intense experience and is only recommended for those who are ready to make a significant commitment to making the behavioural changes required for both losing weight, and then maintaining it over time.

So why the GenSmart program is different from other weight loss programs out there?

In the simplest terms possible, GenSmart focuses on the long-term rather than the short-term.

If you are looking to lose 10 pounds before a big event, this is not for you. GenSmart is ideal for those looking to make significant lifestyle changes to improve their weight and wellness in a sustainable manner.

The GenSmart program will combine 4 key measurements:

1. Genetics

2. Lifestyle

3. Blood sample

4. Gut health & microbiome.

GenSmart also sets itself apart by taking into account what is happening in your brain and physiology during a weight loss journey at a personalised level. We believe in bio-individuality and that your journey to health is not the same as someone's elses.

An intense training program and non-restrictive nutrition plan tailored to your need will be designed and reviewed overtime.

Diet changes are a huge component of weight loss. However, once the weight is lost, maintaining it becomes a whole other battle. This is where our behavioural, science-based program will be key to long-term success.

We will be anticipating the biological and mental hurdles to weight loss maintenance during the program and our GenSmart support team will be ready with clinically-based strategies to help participants overcome these obstacles.

GenSmart also takes into account your unique genetic makeup, using more than 50 genes to understand your potential risk for obesity while consuming certain diets - as well as your potential genetic propensity for craving sweets, for high Body Mass Index (BMI) or training responsiveness.

The wellness program based on genetics & training-only has already offered long lasting results for hundreds of our clients. Have a look at some of the testimonial here.

This new GenSmart Weight Loss program is set for success! 

Your odds of losing and maintaining weight are much better with science and behavioural support. While many weight loss programs offer group support, GenSmart offers a completely personal, one-on-one coaching solution.

Throughout the course of the year, each participant will work with a dedicated GenSmart Coach all of whom are Registered Nutritionists, dieticians, Sport Scientist and Psychologist.

Do you want to know more about this upcoming and revolutionising program?

Be in touch here and get a 30 min complementary consultation to hear more about the program details and introductory pricing.