"I have been coached online by Thomas for 2 years . It’s the best investment I have ever made. His expertise is amazing value. I have learned so much, my overall health, fitness and daily life have greatly improved. Thank you." Mike F


"Thomas 's method is captivating , I am stunned by the results! From size 12 to size 8 in 12 weeks, and so much more energy! Thank you!". Helena B

"It has been an amazing journey that I recommend to those serious about making a definite and long lasting change. I am physically and mentally transformed. Thank you!". James R

"Nothing beats the GenSmart experience. I’d highly recommend this for anyone who wants to take targeted action in optimising their health, very efficient, exciting and revitalising experience". Dr Y Ng

"Having the knowledge about my own physiology made a massive difference in my behavior, the support I received and learning new habits specific to me, made me reach a level I would of dream of, a complete transformation. Thank you!". Scott S

"Understanding what was going on with my body and why it was this way, made me realise how important every choices I make has an impact, it made a all difference from there. With Thomas expertise I am now very confident about my health and now understand it is my responsibility". Mr K


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